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Document and Reference Repository Developed initially for the Deep Creek Lake Watershed Management Plan (DCLWMP), 2013-2014.

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Lake Level

  • 1112, Mike Bilek, THIRD LAKE LEVELS SUBCOMMITTEE MEETING, February 2014
  • 1113, Lake Levels Subcommittee, Notes from the Lake Levels Subcommittee Brainstorming. To be forwarded to DNR Fisheries and PPRP, Lake Levels Subcommittee, Word Document, January 2014
  • 1117, Pete Versteegen, Positioning of Boat Slips, March 2014
  • 1118, Pete Versteegen, Temperature Enhancement, Topical report, February 2014
  • 1119, Shawn Seaman, Presentation to the Lake Levels Subcommittee - March 12, 2014 Youghiogheny River Temperature Enhancement Releases, Maryland Power Plant Research Program, Presentation, March 2014
  • 1121, Pete Versteegen, The Deep Creek Lake Management Plan as a Project, SC, Presentation, September 2013